Big Hitter Blue 16G 200m Reel – Tennis String

Big Hitter Blue 16G 200m Reel – Tennis String


Designed to be a very durable string, so it can be used in a thinner gauge without compromising string life. Delivers a high level of comfort and power.

  • Gauge: 16
  • Length: 200 meter



All Tourna Big Hitter Strings are made in Germany using an advanced polyethylene string formulation.

This provides a much softer string that absorbs shock and increases comfort, whilst retaining incredible durability and power.

Big Hitter Blue 16 Gauge Racket string is a high performance, forgiving, controllable and a highly durable racket string. If you’re a hard hitter player, say for example; “A back-liner”. Accuracy is going to be of the up-most importance, having a string that boosts the power or adds spin just isn’t going to cut it from that far back on the court. You have a split second to take aim and fire, so you need that accuracy and accuracy is precisely what this string gives.


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