Extreme Power 17 Gauge Single Pack

Extreme Power 17 Gauge Single Pack


Highly responsive, powerful and excellent control. A highly responsive squash and racquetball string. Superb value.

  • Gauge: 17
  • Length: 45 foot



This is a highly responsive racquetball and squash racket string. Tourna Extreme Power 17 Gauge delivers consistent power to each shot. Made from thousands of extremely thin fibres that are twisted together and bonded. We textured the outside string layer with unique, protective coating so the string bites into the ball for added touch and control. The string is 45 foot long so it works for even the most over-sized rackets.

The Extreme Power 17 Gauge Racket String is a brilliant string, designed specifically for racquetball and squash. The strings unique design gives it a rough outer exterior, which allows the string to grip the ball better upon contact. Meaning it gives you a higher level of control and even spin on the ball. The Extreme Power 17 Gauge Racket String has proven to be a popular favourite with players.


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