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The Tourna Hot Glove is a racket mitt that makes playing in cold weather more comfortable.

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With this racquet glove, you can play tennis, pickleball or any other racket sport in the winter months without getting a cold playing hand. Simple put a normal glove on one hand then take hold of your racket or paddle in the other and slip the mitt over the top then you are ready to play. This product is 100% soft fleece and this breathable material makes it warm and comfortable to wear during your warm up, training and matches.

Should I wear a racket glove when playing tennis in winter?

The hot glove does not get in the way at all, in fact being able to keep direct contact with the handle is a real advantage. It is quick and easy to put on and take off, ideal for changing weather conditions, and since it is ‘one size fits all’ you know it will fit just right. There is a narrow opening at the top where you can insert your racket handle and your hand slides into the other end – the mitt’s construction means you can easily switch your grip.

What are the advantages of a racquet mitten over a normal tennis glove?

Our warm racquet handle glove is a winter favourite, offering bare-skinned grip with the added bonus of keeping out the biting cold. It makes playing in the colder months much more tolerable by offering comfort and insulation, plus a mitten is preferable to a standard glove as you do not lose any feeling between your fingers and the handle. This hot glove is perfect if you are used to only playing in warm weather and are looking for a way to play all year round.

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