Tourna Rain Sweep

Tourna Rain Sweep


For fast effective water removal on hard non porous courts. On solid castors the 5’ blade curved blade scoops water off the court.

Very light-weight aluminium frame so no rusting. Comes with an extra blade.


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TOURNA RAIN SWEEP with extra blade

When you need fast water removal, Rain Sweep is the best solution.

This is the top of the range court squeegee. It has a 5ft long blade which curves at the ends so it scoops the water forward.

Fast action, solid casters glide on hard court for easy sweep. They will not scratch or mark the court.

Aluminium frame is light weight and will not rust. The rubber blade is 5″ high and is made of EVA closed cell,  dense foam for long lasting reliable performance.

The unit comes with two blades – when and if they should eventually wear out over time, new replacement blades can be purchased.




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