Racket Grips Japan

Racket Grips Japan

Tourna supplies customers in Japan and around the world with high quality racket grips as part of our range of competitively-priced racket sport accessories. We have a racket grip to suit every player and our products are loved by many tennis professionals. Tourna Grip is the overgrip of choice for champions such as Pete Sampras because it is reliable and outperforms all others.

This worldwide bestseller is guaranteed not to slip, even when wet, so there is no need to worry about your racket spinning around in your hand during a game. The formula that makes this racket grip so impressive was developed back in 1977 and no other overgrip has ever been able to duplicate its quality or performance. Designed to meet the needs of all players, regardless of their level of ability, our innovative racket grips both improve performance and make it easier to play your chosen racket sport.

There are many racket grip options available for tennis players in Japan:

This is the original blue grip that provides a form, dry feel. It is perfect for soaking up sweat on a not, humid day as it becomes tacky when wet.

Available in black, blue, pink and white, this product maximises grip, especially in cooler weather. It is non slip, durable, tacky, long lasting and very easy to fit on any length handle.

This is the tackiest grip ever made, ideal for colder climates and it will stop your racket twisting and sliding while you play. Choose either black, blue or white and easily apply this extra wide overgrip to your racket. It is durable, long lasting and guaranteed to cling to your hand, leaving no residue and only making a millimetre difference to racket handle circumference.

For instant grip enhancement use this non-toxic spray in the summer months to dry sweaty hands.

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