Racket Grips Portugal

Racket Grips Portugal

For those who play racket sports in Portugal, Tourna’s popular racket grips are the number one choice. We have a range of options available to choose from so you are sure to find the style that suits your needs. Our online store has high quality products that are specially designed for tennis players as well as squash, badminton and more. Having a racket grip that doesn’t slip is vitally important no matter what racket sport you are playing, as this allows you to perform to the best of your abilities in any weather. Our Original, Tac and Mega Tac solutions each have their own set of benefits and are available in various colours and sizes to suit your personal taste. Tourna’s racket grips are trusted by many world champions however they are equally suited to use by beginners and professional players.

We supply tennis players in Portugal with affordable, high quality racket grips

The innovative grip is a best seller and, once wet, no other grip can outperform it. The quality of Tourna Grips is unmatched, quickly soaking up sweat instead of becoming slippery like other products on the market. This makes it easier to play and improves performance. The racket grips we supply are durable, long-lasting and easy to apply to any length handle. To fit your new grip, simply start from the bottom of the racket handle, wrap it up to the neck and keep it in place with the finishing tape provided. The addition of a Tourna grip will stop your racket’s handle twisting and sliding and it grips you back while you play. The wrap stays tacky, leaving no residue and only making a millimetre difference on the circumference of the racket handle.

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