Racket Grips Romania

Racket Grips Romania

Our racket grips are loved by racketsports players across Romania and come in a variety of styles. There is the Original Tourna Grip, Tourna Tac, Tourna Mega Tac and Tourna Grip RX, see below for a description of each to see which is best suited to your needs.

Original Tourna Grip

This famous light blue grip is recognised globally and is a best-seller. It has a dry feel and simply will not slip once applied to your racket, guaranteeing that you maintain a firm and secure hold on the handle throughout your game. It is especially effective on hot humid days, soaking up sweat and becoming tacky when wet – no other over grip on the market can match its unique formula for performance!

Available products:
Tourna Grip Blue XL 10 Grip Roll
Tourna Grip Single XL -Jar Of 36 Grips
Tourna Grip Travel Pouch 30 XL
Tourna Grip XL Single/3 Grip Roll

Tourna Tac

Tac gives you the best of both worlds – a tacky feel and a durable non-slip grip. The wet, sticky feel makes it ideal for cool weather.

Available products:
Tourna Tac Black/White XL 10 Grip Roll
Tourna Tac Black/White/Blue/Pink XL 3 Grip Roll

Tourna Mega Tac

The ultimate tacky grip, this option is best for colder days and eliminates racket twisting/sliding because it clings to your hand. This long lasting grip is extra wide and only adds a millimetre to the circumference of your handle.

Available products:
Tourna Mega Tac Black/White/Blue XL 3/10 Grip Roll

Tourna Grip RX

This is an instant dry grip spray that solves the issue of sweaty hands and allows you to feel the racket just like you should. Application is as easy as squirting it into one hand, rubbing your hands together until it a powder forms and then you are ready to play.

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