Racket Grips Turkey

Racket Grips Turkey

We offer the best prices on racket grips for our customers in Turkey and across the globe. As racket-sports experts we only ever recommend using products that are high-quality and designed to last. The range of grips we have in stock are second-to-none, in fact Tourna Grip is the world’s best seller and cannot be beaten.

It performs better than any competitor when it is wet, making it the go-to overgrip for tennis champions, including Pete Sampras. The original is recognised worldwide as ‘the light blue grip that doesn’t slip’, so you can trust Tourna Grips to work perfectly in any conditions. Regardless of your level of ability, these grips will improve your performance and prevent your racket from slipping in your hand.

Tourna has been around since 1972 and since then many products have been brought out that benefit players of many racket-sports including tennis and squash. Whether you need a new grip, stencil or strings for your racket, we’ve got you covered. We also stock court accessories ranging from ball carts, baskets, trays and squeegees to portable nets, net checks, court numbers and score keepers.

Find the racket grip that suits you

There are a few different racket grips to choose from, each with its own set of benefits. The original Tourna Grip offers a firm grip and it is best for hot, humid days as it effectively soaks up sweat so you can play for longer. Tourna Tac has a tacky feel and can be used in cooler weather. Mega Tac is extra wide and is the tackiest of the range as well as being the most durable.

Join the many famous faces who use our Tourna racket grips in their tournaments and discover the benefits for yourself! Plus, if your order total is over £15, we will delivery your racket grips to Turkey free of charge.

Call 01702 718944 or contact our friendly team online to find out more about our range of racket grips available to order in Turkey

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