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Tourna Racket Grips are available at the best pricing Online. We are a prominent supplier of the world’s most popular grip, and tennis players of all levels find it to be the optimal choice. This revolutionary product improves performance by becoming tacky when wet, making your game easier to handle.

Since its creation in 1972, it has been recognised on the court for its sticky blue tac that gives extra grip. Since then, it has been employed in thousands of games by thousands of players and is still the most popular racket grip in the sport.

Worldwide number one best-selling grip

No other brand of grips performs as well when wet as ‘the light blue grip that doesn’t slip.’ Others rapidly become slippery, affecting your game entirely. Tourna Grips are unlike anything else on the market since they give dependable grip and can be adjusted to fit your needs. We also have Tourna Grip RX, an instant grip boosting spray, in addition to grip tape.

Tourna Grip is great for use in hot weather since it dries sweaty hands while you play, improving your grip and comfort. Your game level will be elevated after a grip has been applied, and since it is so simple to use, Tourna Grip is a time-saving solution. Our goal is to help you enhance your game by providing a wide selection of grip tapes, sprays, and travel pouches at the most competitive prices.

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