We supply Tourna Racket Grips to customers in America and all around the world for the lowest price online! As a team we specialise in racketsports accessories, delivering high quality products and offering helpful advice to anyone looking to take up a new sport or improve their game. You’ll know Tourna best as ‘the light blue grip that doesn’t slip’ and that’s exactly right, because it will not let you down.

Even on the hottest day when you feel your hands getting sweaty, you will find that the wetter it gets, the tackier it becomes. Unlike other grips which would begin to slip and break your concentration as crucial moments, Tourna grips are designed to help you stay focused. With this best-selling grip you will really feel the racket and appreciate the comfort it offers during play.

America’s favourite grip, available for a great low price when you buy online today!

Our experts are very knowledgeable about this innovative product and we guarantee that no rival grip performs as well when wet, so get in touch if you wish to find out more about Tourna grips. They are the overgrip of choice for many tennis champions, including Pete Sampras and professionals such as Venus Williams, Patrick Rafter, Giles Simon, Jim Courier and Marat Safin. Its not just for top sports men and women though, players of all abilities will feel the benefits this grip offers.

Invented in the United States, Tourna has rapidly grown since the project began in the 70’s to become a recognised brand offering a wide range of racket sport accessories. Here on you will find many products ranging from tennis strings and racket inks to ball carts and baskets.

Call the Tourna team today on 01702 718944 to find out more about ordering Racket Grips in America!

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