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Here at Tourna, we have the best prices on Tourna Racket Grips in Australia. We are a leading supplier of the world’s best-selling grip and tennis players of all abilities find this to be the perfect solution. Designed to become tacky when wet, this innovative product will improve performance, making your game easier to play.

Many of the world’s greatest tennis professionals rely on Tourna Grip including Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams and Tommy Robredo. Tourna’s story dates back to 1972 in the United States and in conjunction with our US colleagues, Tourna have continued to provide customers with high quality grips and racket sports accessories.

Australia’s number one racket grip – Tourna Grip, the original blue overgrip

Known as ‘the light blue grip that doesn’t slip’, no other brand of grips performs as well when wet. Others quickly become slippery, negatively impacting on your game. There has never been anything on the market quite like Tourna Grips as they provide reliable grip and can be adjusted to suit your needs. As well as grip tape, we also offer Tourna Grip RX, an instant grip enhancing spray.

This is a 100% safe, patented formula – simply squirt onto your hands or gloves and allow to dry to a light powder. Tourna Grip is ideal for using in hot weather as it dries sweaty hands, improving your grip and comfort level as you play. Once a grip has been applied, your game level will be raised back to where it was and since it is so easy to apply, Tourna Grip offers a time-efficient solution. Our focus is helping you improve your game by offering a range of grip tapes, sprays and travel pouches for the best possible price.

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