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Tourna Grip France is proud to provide clients in France and worldwide with a wide range of low-cost Tourna Racket Grip products. These are known around the globe as the greatest racketsport grips as they have superior anti-slip properties, offering all players – regardless of ability – an innovative solution. When your hands become sweaty during play, your performance can suffer, this is why Tourna was born!

Established in 1972, this US-based invention has since gone on to be the leading overgrip, making games so much easier to play. Years of working closely with our US colleagues has led to Tourna growing rapidly as a supplier of high quality grips and racketsports accessories. The tape becomes tacky when made wet, making it the ideal addition to your tennis kit. Tennis professionals the world-over choose Tourna Grip over all others, including Jim Courier, Tommy Robredo, Marat Safin and Giles Simon.

The number one racket grip in France – Tourna Grip, the original blue overgrip

Tourna Grip delivers on its promise – the little blue grip that doesn’t slip! Nothing on the market behaves in quite the same way and we also offer a patented grip spray option. The Tourna Grip RX is a non-toxic grip enhancer that dries to a light powder after being sprayed on your hands. This easy-to-apply grip will raise your game and help you feel the racket just as you should.

Tourna Grip tape is the number one choice for all tennis players as it outperforms all others when wet. In hot weather, it is especially important that your racket does not become slippery as this can affect your game. You can trust Tourna Grip to provide a quick and simple solution that helps you focus on what is important.

As well as grip tapes and sprays, we have a fantastic selection of racketsport accessories available to buy online. Our product range includes squash strings, tennis Strings, racket stencils, racket inks, ball baskets, ball carts and ballports.

To find out more about the racket sports accessories we supply in France, get in touch with our Tourna Racket Grip experts today!

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