Tourna Grip Switzerland

Tourna Grip Switzerland

The story of the Tourna Racket Grip began in 1972 and now it is the best-selling tennis grip in Switzerland. We are pleased to offer this innovative grip enhancer for an unbeatable price and we firmly believe that our product will improve your performance. Since the grip is adjustable and guaranteed not to slip, you can rely on Tourna Grips not to let you down, even in the hottest summer months. Whatever your level of ability may be, there is no better solution to the issue of a slippery racket during your game. Applying either the tape or spray will allow you to feel the racket as you should and let you concentrate on your training session or tournament.

The number one racket grip in Switzerland – Tourna Grip, the original blue overgrip

We keep our range of products competitively priced so that they are accessible to all. 45 years on from the start of the project, no other grip on the market has yet come close to what Tourna Grip offers. This innovative solution has proved to be a favourite among tennis professionals including Gustavo Kuernten, Patrick Rafter, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams to name just a few. They rely on Tourna Grip to offer the ultimate solution to the problem of rackets slipping in sweaty hands. Once applied, the grip makes your game easier to play since it gets tacky when wet, soaking up sweat with ease, ideal for humid days. Tourna Grip is the original blue grip that doesn’t slip and it has been designed to be quick and simple to apply. Available in tape and spray form, it is totally adjustable to suit your needs.

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