Tourna Grip Brazil

We offer the best Tourna Racket Grip prices in Brazil, with fast delivery and excellent customer service. Our team’s racketsports expertise is second to none and we understand the importance of having kit that improves your performance. With our range of overgrips, you can play your best game in any weather without your racket slipping.

Tourna is the grip of choice for many professionals in their tournaments, including Pete Sampras, Venus Williams, Patrick Rafter and Maria Sharapova. It is known world-wide as the light blue grip doesn’t slip and no other product can match it when wet. Designed to be used by players of all levels and abilities, Tourna Grip has become the world’s best-selling grip.

Why do racket sports players in Brazil choose Tourna Grips?

Other lower-quality products are prone to becoming slippery once they get wet, whereas Tourna excels and feels tackier for a firm grip even when the weather gets humid. It is the first of its kind and players of all racketsports including tennis, squash and racketball benefit from Tourna’s unique properties. Tourna has been around since the seventies and strives to create innovative products that help players play at their best on the court. We supply both a tape and spray option to make getting extra grip as simple, quick and convenient as possible. Tourna Grip RX is a spray that, once applied to your hands and rubbed together, dries to a light powder to enhance grip. You can feel the effects instantly, including better contact with the racket even when your hands are set. Tourna Grip tape does an amazing job of soaking up sweat in hot weather and whilst many have tried to imitate it, nothing comes close to the original.

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