Tourna Grip Germany

Tourna Grip Germany

Racketsports enthusiasts throughout Germany are improving their performance with Tourna Grips. They are the best-selling overgrips because they are guaranteed not to slip, making them Pete Sampras’ overgrip of choice. Tennis professionals such as Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams and Andy Roddick trust our light blue grip to make tournaments easier to play, even on hot and humid days.

The products we have on offer suit players of all abilities and have proved to be an innovative solution to slippery hands. Tourna has been around since 1972 and this wealth of industry experience is exactly why no other grip can claim to be as effective when wet. Invented in the USA, Tourna Grips have now gained global popularity and the brand continues to focus on supplying unique products.

What kind of Tourna Racket Grips can you ship to Germany?

Tourna Grip RX uses a patented formula to act as an instant grip enhancer in the form of a dry grip spray. Simply spray onto hands or gloves, rub together until you see a light powder and you are ready to play!

There is also the tape option, our classic Tourna Grip XL, known as the ‘little blue grip that doesn’t slip’. Easy to spot, this grip outperforms all others by becoming tacky when wet – this makes a change from those that feel slippery shortly after application. Its proprietary manufacturing process will never change and no imitator has ever been able to duplicate its quality and performance.

As well as grip enhancers, we stock a wide range of racketsports accessories including squash and tennis strings, racket stencils and inks, ball baskets, carts and ballports.

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