Tourna Grips India

Tourna Grips India

We have the best prices on Tourna Racket Grips in India and ship them to customers worldwide. Our team has years of experience supplying racketsports accessories and we stock a wide variety of products that are perfect for all squash and tennis players. Designed for players of all abilities, the Tourna Grip has been the professional’s overgrip of choice for decades, seeing Jim Courier, Gustavo Kuernten, Andy Roddick, Marat Safin, Tommy Robredo and many more through their tournaments. It is also Pete Sampras’ overgrip of choice, so you can rely on Tourna Grip to improve your performance on the court.

Starting out in the early seventies, the Tourna project grew rapidly and now works with colleagues in the US to produce high quality, innovative products which make games easier to play. The best-selling grip of them all is the Tourna Grip, popular all over the world for its unique level of grip, performing equally well when wet or dry.

Why are Tourna Racket Grips so popular with players in India?

The original blue over grip, it is the first of its kind and has never been duplicated by imitators. Rival products will become slippery very quickly but Tourna Grips will not let you down! Sweaty hands can really affect your game, so it is best to be prepared and have tape on hand to combat this. Another solution is our Tourna Grip RX, just spray onto hands or gloves, rub together and once it has dried to a light powder you are ready to play.

Looking for other racket accessories or court equipment?

You’ve come to the right place, as not only do we supply Tourna Grip tape and grip enhancing spray, we also have a great range of other items available to order online. These include strings, stencils & inks for your tennis or squash racket and carts & baskets for storing balls.

Call our team on 01702 718944 to find out more about ordering Tourna Racket Grips in India!

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