Tourna Grips New Zealand

Tourna Grips New Zealand

Here at Tourna we are providing Tourna Racket Grips at the lowest price to customers in New Zealand. Established over 35 years ago, this product has become one of the leading over-grips for all racket sports. We are the leading suppliers of Tourna world-wide and have been helping people from all around the world with improving their performance.

Tourna is an over-grip that is designed to get tacky once it’s wet. This grip will prevent your hands from slipping when sweaty and will make sure your grip doesn’t decrease whilst playing a racket sport. Our range of different products includes squash strings, Ball Doctor, ball baskets, elbow supports, Tourna Tac and many others.

Why Tourna Grips are the leading racket grips available in New Zealand

It is the number one choice for many of the leading professionals such as Jim Courier, Venus Williams, Boris Becker and Andre Agassi. Other grips tend to get slippery very quickly but with the Tourna Grips, you can ensure that it’ll improve your performance in wet or dry conditions. The Tourna Grip is very easy to apply and feels comfortable whilst holding the racket.

Tourna was the very first over-grip of its kind, known as the grip that doesn’t slip; it will out-perform all of its competitors. Tourna is popular all over the world because it provides a unique solution that will improve your grip and performance in all conditions. Another one of our products is the Tourna Grip RX, this is a non-toxic grip enhancement that instantly becomes a light powder once sprayed onto your hands. The Tourna Grip RX will instantly improve your grip and will help with the handling of your racket.

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