Tourna Grips Singapore

Tourna Grips Singapore

Tourna is the leading provider of Racket Grips in Singapore and across the world. We have been an established business for 35 years, supplying a variety of different products that are useful when participating in racket sports. Our range of different products includes elbow supports, baskets, strings, grips and much more. We are pleased to provide customers all over Singapore the opportunity of purchasing Tourna Grips online for an amazing low price.

Many famous tennis players including Venus Williams, Boris Becker, Jim Courier and Andre Agassi use Tourna Grips for their tournaments. Every year, Tourna is becoming more and more popular as tennis players around the world are discovering the product. Regardless of your level of skill, Tourna will help improve your performance on the court.

Why choose us for your Tourna racket grips in Singapore?

Our prices are completely unmatched and this light blue grip has helped tennis players all around the world by greatly improving their performance. Tourna Grips are designed to feel tacky whilst wet, increasing your grip on the racket even in the most hot and humid conditions. Tourna’s blue over grip is the first of its kind and is completely unique; while rival products tend to get slippery after a while, Tourna grip soaks up sweat helping you play for a longer time.

Tourna was the very first to create this one of a kind over-grip and it is extremely easy to apply. It is guaranteed to improve your performance no matter the weather. Another product of ours is the Tourna Grip RX, an instant grip that you spray directly onto your hands which dries to a light powder.

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