Tourna Grips Sweden

Tourna Grips Sweden

Here at Tourna we are providing customers with the highest quality Tourna racket grips in Sweden. We are the leading suppliers of the world’s best grips. Tourna grips are designed to become very tacky whilst wet, this will ultimately improve your grip which will increase your performance whilst playing racketsports. Regardless of your ability, this grip with improve your game drastically!

Many of the sport’s leading players use Tourna grips, including Pete Sampras, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova. Tourna goes all the way back to 1972 and every year Tourna has grown bigger and bigger; this is because more and more tennis players are becoming aware of Tourna grips.

Why choose us to supply your Tourna racket grips in Sweden

We have been supplying quality Tourna grips for many years, helping tennis players from all around the world with improving their performance. There is nothing quite like Tourna, other grips will usually become slippery and start to negatively affect your game. Tourna performs just as well whilst it’s wet. Our Tourna Grip RX is an instant grip that you spray directly onto your hands or gloves. After a while it will dry into a light powder.

Here at Tourna we are able to provide a variety of different accessories that will help you on the court. Tourna is ideal for using whilst playing in hot conditions as it will dry up the sweat from your hands, this will improve your grip and comfort whilst you’re playing. Other products that we have in stock include racket strings, court equipment and much more. Our focus is to ensure that every customer is given quality products.

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