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We are the UK’s leading Tourna wholesaler, supplying to all corners of the country. We sell a range of Tourna products from the original Tourna Grip to Tourna accessories and and court equipment. Tourna’s focus is on creating innovative products that improve the performance of players and make the game of tennis even more competitive.

Some of the worlds greatest players, from the Williams sisters to Pete Sampras have all been proud Tourna users. It’s sticky blue tac that provides extra grip has been distinguishable on the court since its inception in 1972. Since then it has been used for 1000’s of games by 1000’s of players and continues to be the sports number one choice for racket grip.

The UK’s number one Tourna wholesaler

Tourna is known as ‘the light blue grip that doesn’t slip’ and out performs all other brands when it comes to delivering a high quality grip that performs in all weather. Tourna operates in over 25+ countries and is suitable for extreme heat or the wettest of climates.

As Tourna’s most trusted supplier, distributor and wholesaler we offer more than just the Tourna grip. We have been helping high street shops, clubs and independent stores to bring Tourna Grip and other products to the UK. Our focus is providing your with a grip to improve your game and in as much quantity that you need.

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